LensHero.com Review

I learned about this site via the awesome lifehacker.com site. Always anxious to check out new photography sites, I jumped over to it and was pleasantly surprised to find a useful website that enables quick navigation and perusal of camera lenses. I did not at first use the search function on the home page, rather I just clicked on the big GO button and then used the links at the top of the screen to limit to Canon lenses.

I of course drooled over all the lenses that an unlimited budget would allow, but I also dug deeper into the details of particular lenses that I have either used/rented or intend to rent. I REALLY appreciate the breakdown lenshero provides in regards to angle of view and 35mm equivalent focal length. Since I have a crop sensor camera, this info is always better than my mental math of multiplying by 1.6.

Along with this helpful information is a pro and con breakdown, which requires a grain of salt depending on the lens (is a fixed f/4 really a con? See: Canon’s 24-105

Exact specifications of the lenses are also provided, along with a bar graph rating system. The listing ends with a comments are where one can either post about their experience with the lens or in some cases, ask questions (should I buy this or a Sigma/Tamron equivalent?) Reviews from B&H Photo are right at the top of each lenses’ page, which are not surprisingly linked to the source. There is an Amazon affiliate link for each lens for when you are ready to pull the trigger and buy the lens.

The site includes many filtering options and search functionality that will enable quick searching and navigation. There might have been a few specialty lenses that are not in their database, but really, does this matter? (I did not see the Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye lens)

I recommend bookmarking this site and using it in conjunction with all the usual suspects that photographers use to review lenses. While it is a brand new site, its ease-of-use and navigation and search/filtering function make it a promising site that will hopefully grow and develop as more people use it and add to the site. LensHero also uses getsatisfaction.com to offer support to its’ users. Follow them on twitter: @LensHero And enter their contest like I did by following these instructions. http://lenshero.com/contest


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