Fracture Update

I wrote earlier about the delivery of my fracture photo and wanted to give a little more info about it.

The final product looks great! The only surprising aspect of the frame is that with the desk stand version, the holder that snaps into the piece in the back, leaves the frame “floating” about half an inch off the surface. This was not what I wanted at first (and I could cut the stand down to bring the frame and stand on equal footing), but I have grown to like the floating look. If I wanted to hang this on a wall, I would have to hack together some kind of solution, as there is no nail hole on the back. I would definitely buy a fracture print again. Their FAQ page will answer almost every question you might have about their product. I chose to have no border on my image, but there are several funky border options if you are in to that kind of thing.

Oh, one last thing, about ten minutes after I placed my order, I received a personal email from one of the workers complimenting my image. This was not just some form email that most companies send out, this referred to specific details and I really appreciated this special touch. Support this company and with the holidays coming up, this might be a interesting new way to provide that special someone a creative gift.


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