Captured by the Light Workshop

Last week I ventured into the foreign land (Columbus, OH 🙂 ) in the hopes that I could learn some more about photography. I hemmed and hawed about the whole thing, because:

  • I was overdue for a good hemming and hawing session
  • I would have to drive a decent amount on a school night, and also get home really late
  • While not the largest amount of money, it was still 60 bones
  • I wasn’t sure that the info would pertain much to my style, etc

Okay, so I finally buckled down, pulled the trigger and bought the ticket and sped like a madman to the hotel where it was being presented. The auditorium was full of about 200 or so eager photographers which at least assured me that David Ziser was worth the trek.

I have been reading his book Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography and can certainly echo many professional photographer’s claims as one of the best wedding photography books written, at least within the realm of digital photography. Well, the evening’s workshop was basically the main points of his book, so, I was a little miffed about that, and would have left a little early but throughout the evening, David was giving away some decent prizes. Unfortunately, I did not win anything (I was really hoping that the $50 B&H gift card would grace my wallet).

So, I stayed to the bitter end, bid adieu to Cbus and arrived home at a decent 1:15AM, immediately crashed and felt surprisingly OK the next day.

Lessons learned:

  • Not every photography workshop is worth your time, that being said, one should try to go to as many as possible in order to learn new skills, make contact with other photographers, etc.
  • Some professional photographers are also really good businessmen, there were a few too many “commercials” for his products and software peppered throughout the evening.
  • I am not really excited about wedding photography, and might never shoot one.

David’s book and website (he actually posts everyday (showoff!)) are great sources for photography information in general. Check them out and you will at least learn better techniques for shooting in difficult lighting situations and creative flash techniques.


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