Mini Book Review 0000

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Children’s Portrait Photography Handbook: Techniques for Digital Photographers

Recently I read the book, Children’s portrait photography handbook : techniques for digital photographers by Bill Hurter. It is a book geared towards the amateur/beginning photographer interested in children’s portraiture. Some good tips mentioned are, to talk to the mother first as children take their cues from mom, and keep the studio warm and have plenty of toys, burp clothes, etc. Appropriate lighting techniques for children and young adults are covered as well. One major topic that I don’t recall being mentioned is pricing. My advice on this topic is to call around to local photo studios and individuals, and ask them for a quote for various packages and then price your services on an even playing field relative to your abilities and services provided. Try to get the point across that the images are a once and a lifetime preservation of the child’s likeness and that you will provide the best images and the product will be something that the family can treasure for many years to come.

Take Care!


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